Established in 2000 by a diverse team of marketing veterans, Imasia Communications is a full-service advertising & public relations agency specializing in the burgeoning, yet complex Asian American market.  With a strong understanding of our markets and through key ethnic insights, our strategic & creative services have provided a strong foundation for clients to establish successful branding and sales initiatives.  We have helped many brands become household names in the Asian American sector.


    At Imasia, success breeds success, and so does consistent effort and diligence.  Our superlative market sense, integrated communications and landscape-changing branding power – will continue to keep us at the forefront of Asian American marketing.


    Our team is comprised of specialists from many of the largest Asian American agencies in the United States and Korea.  While each of our specialties may vary, we are bound by a common passion to serve each of our client’s best interests, which is to boost profitability and create brand value.  Our approach begins with an intimate understanding of the unique lifestyle patterns, trends and needs of the Asian American market.  The next step is to gain a clear understanding of our client’s marketing needs, so that we can tackle any challenge facing our client with our strategic process. We execute with a passion and with a drive for results, creating better impact, bigger visions and greater opportunities for our clients.



    Our philosophy is simple – we identify with you. Because your success and ours are intimately intertwined, your goals become our goals, and your profit becomes our obsession.  We bring more to the table than enthusiasm.  We provide marketing power through creative expertise and marketing insights that make a lasting impact.  And, we back that power with a loyal commitment to ongoing professional service that continues to improve over time.


    No job is too big or too small for Imasia Communications.  We have a dedicated staff of experts, in addition to an extended network of seasoned professionals ready to serve your marketing, advertising, promotional and PR needs:


    > Marketing Research

    > Strategic Planning

    > Account Management

    > Creative Development & Production

    > Media Planning & Placement

    > Event Planning & Management

    > Sales Promotions

    > Public Relations & Corporate Communications


    B.J. Jin  - President


    BJ’s creative experience began in Seoul, Korea as a copywriter, providing corporate branding services for clients in various industries.  He was able to further his knowledge of advertising with a M.A in Communications from Northern Illinois University.  BJ’s creative experience in the US includes First State Bank, California Cho Hueng Bank, KYCC, Korea Telecom, MCI Telecommunications, Telecom USA, Primus Telecom, Gas Company, Disneyland Park, Northwest Airlines, Hyundai Motor America, Johnnie Walker, Hennessy, and others.



    Paul Choi - Vice President


    Paul’s passion for advertising began at the University of Texas, where he received his degree in Advertising Communications.  Through sound management of strategy development & execution, Paul has helped many global clients distinguish their brand and increase sales.  His experience managing marketing departments for publicly traded corporations also provides key insights to help your business grow.



    Danny Kim - Director of Strategic Planning

    With a degree in Information & Computer Science from the University of California at Irvine, Danny has developed his project planning and execution skills to provide a comprehensive range of support for numerous clients.  His expertise in consulting, planning and management helps clients to overcome budget limitations and time constraints.



    Kiwan Noh - Creative Director


    Ki Wan graduated from Busan Dong Seo University with a degree in Visual Information Design. He has provided multiple award-winning creative services for clients such as PizzaClick, Koun Soft, and others.  Since joining Imasia, he has been highly successful in helping clients position themselves to effectively penetrate the Asian American market with his creative work.



    Seijin Beag - Graphic Designer


    With a degree in Communication Design from Cornish College of Art and Design, Sejin brings a youthful energy and out-of-the box creativity that breaks through clutter.  His dedication to his craft, and his passion to continuously improve his skills have allowed him to play an integral part of Imasia’s creative success.



    Doris Cho - Senior Account Executive


    Doris graduated from The City University of New York with a degree in Sociology, upon which she continued her education in the health-care industry. Prior to joining Imasia, she held management positions in various industries which have allowed her to develop a strong understanding of the business community, and just as importantly, people skills.  Her understanding of people allows her to develop strong relationships with the media, and provides her with key insights for effective media strategy and execution.





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